Christina Ford, Unchained

I am an Unchained Goddess.


This is the story I tell about myself now. After many years of being lost to myself, I chose to break my self made chains and surrender to my becoming. I embraced the Goddess within, and it was the most freeing experience of my life.


As I walked this path, I couldn't help but notice the chains that bound those closest to me. They recognized my freedom while remaining oblivious to their own tethers; and in this I discovered my purpose.

I am a story-teller at heart. Story-telling connects us with others, a light beam bond from one soul to another. They inspire us, invoke emotions in us, and allow us to experience worlds to which we never imagined having access. Story is how we are reminded that we are not alone in our struggles; story is how we learn to change our perspectives. 

I realized that by sharing my stories, I could open a door to others to recognize their own chains, so they, too, could be free. I found there was nothing I desired more than to help others in this way, and I began to write.


My intention as a writer is to connect with you. I want to share my experiences so that I may touch your heart, open your mind, and inspire you to light up the world in your own unique way. 

Writing is what ignites my soul, sets me aflame, and allows me to burn brightly. Sharing that fire with others is how I serve. I am a sage, called to awaken the wisdom that resides within each of you. 

Welcome to my bonfire! Join me as I to lift my flames to the sky!


I'm so glad you came. 

Much love,