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Goddess Unchained

You probably aren't even aware of the chains you wear every day. Most people aren't.

Within this new spiritual guidebook, story is combined with lessons, journal prompts, and meditations to help you become aware of the ties that bound you, so that you too, can break free and embrace the Goddess within your heart.

Expected in 2021

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Non Fiction


Common Sense Keto: How I Lost 88 Pounds

After receiving a shocking diagnosis at a yearly physical exam, Christina Ford finally found a way to lose the excess weight and keep it off. A self proclaimed carboholic, Christina set about learning about nutrition for the first time ever, discovering the Keto diet during her research as a way to fuel her body without dreading the hunger of a traditional diet. She started taking the steps that would lead to an amazing 88 pound weight loss, finding ways to still enjoy the foods she loved while still shedding pounds. Sharing her journey for the first time in this small guidebook, Christina hopes that it will inspire others to take steps toward a healthier mindset about the food they eat and how it serves their body. 



Unconscious Intentions

When Kat Collier meets John Messer on the subway in New York, it seems fated. As a personal shopper with a penchant for shoes, Kat has made a mess of everything for both herself and her closest friend Tiffany Jenkins by stealing a pair of shoes from a client. Struggling to make ends meet, Kat wants nothing more than a financially secure man to sweep her off her feet so she can start over. Eager to escape New York, Kat convinces John to take her with him back to Atlanta, only to discover that John is still very close to his ex-fiancé, Joanna Wright. As Kat and John's relationship progresses, the three women find themselves drawn together by circumstances beyond their control as they each pursue their desires, only to find themselves on the edge of losing everything they've hoped for.