Goddess Unchained: A Definition

A woman who knows that her divinity lies within, recognizes and speaks the truth of who she is, and embraces her gifts and shares them with the world. 


This isn't a mistake. If you've landed here, on this website, it is because some part of you is calling out to become Unchained. 

Perhaps you have been struggling for a while. Perhaps you feel unsure of why you feel so much discontent with the path of your life so far. You may have a dream that you let die, sacrificed to the easier path of living life by default, circling the sleep-eat-work-family drain until you feel you have nothing left to give.

You aren't alone. 

Goddess, Unchained is a guide to breaking the chains we wear as women every day in today's society. Using a blend of story, lessons, meditations, and journal prompts, this guide will lead you back home to yourself, so you can begin to embrace the Goddess within your heart.

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This virtual space was created for women so they can step forward in their lives in a whole new way. This is a sisterhood of women supporting other women in their endeavors to live their dreams. 

We are more than just our roles, more than mother, daughter, sister, friend - more than co-worker, boss, cheerleader, sympathizer. 

We are Goddesses, Unchained! It is time for our sisters to rise in harmony with their soul callings, to break their chains and live a life more wonderful than they could have ever imagined.

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